Our Resource Section is designed to assist users in working with the MCC. Here you will find the latest news and announcements, customer service contacts, answers to common questions and help retrieving usernames and passwords. 

User Names and Passwords
Click link to retrieve Usernames and Passwords 
User Guides
Click Link for the Clinic Administrator Step-By-Step Guides
Click Link for Administrator – How to Queue Applications for your Provider
Click link for the Provider Step-by- Step Guides
Click Link for Provider – How to Send a Queued Application
Click Link for Provider (Simple) - How to Send a Queued Application (Simple)
Click Link for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) asked by Providers and Administrators
Click Link to view a Sender Tutorial (1 hour WebEx) on how to enter your data and send applications

News Releases/New Product Offerings
Click Link for 2014 (1-7-14)  Subscription Process, Expired Accounts
Clink Link for 2014 (1-7-14) Admin Process, Renewing Accounts
Click Link for 2014 ApplySmart Plus

Upcoming Training Sessions and User Group Meetings
Click Link for 2014 (4-1-2014) ApplySmart Plus Demo 
Click Link for 2014 (4-23-2014) ApplySmart Plus

Click Link for 2014 (4-17-2014) User Group Meeting - TO BE RESCHEDULED
Click Link for 2014 (4-8-2014) New User Training

Apply SmartMCC Training Video 2015 (8-12-2015)

Advanced Notification for Credentialing Staff
Click link to register to here to receive Advance notification (email warning) when the system will be unavailable. Simply indicate your name and email address.

Suggestions for Improvements
We welcome your suggestions on additional tools. Let us know here.

Customer Service Team
Our customer service team is available to answer your questions. They can be reached by phone at 847-425-4616 or by emailing (click link). Leave a brief summary of your question, they are typically able to address your question within 10-15 minutes.