Clinic Administrative Login and Step-by-Step Guides

The New User Guide is a page full of advice on using the electronic application. After you review it, the step-by-step guides below offer assistance on specific processes. We have also included some information and suggestions on how to Manage your Administrative Account. And remember, when you complete a page, save your work or the information you just entered won't there when you need it.

You'll want to have your providers' following information nearby so it can easily be entered into the system if needed: Minnesota medical license, Minnesota DEA, diploma or degree for the highest education level comleted, malpractice insurance, board certifications, all life support certifications, a recent resume/curriculum vitae and a educational commission for foreign medical graduates certificate.

Application Support
1. Set up clinic administrative account
2. Purchase codes for providers
3. Register a provider
4. Attach a provider to your admin account
5. Add MCC's Customer Service Department Help Desk
6. Enter office details
7. Add a payer or hospital (preferences)
8. Upload documents
9. Fax, view and attach document
10. Preview an application
11. Send the application Note: Providers must personally sign (attach digital signature/authorization code) their application. Clinic administrators can enter the bulk of the information required for the application – but there are several critical areas where the provider must review the information and personally sign off on the completeness and accuracy of the data. Customer Service can help you manage this process. Please call us if you would like assistance in setting up your administrative account.

Additional Topics
1. Clinic Administrator Username help
2. Clinic Administrator Password help
3. Individual provider Username help
4. Individual provider Password help 
5. Delete an admin user 
6. Check send status 
7. Change an email address 
8. Renew an expired code
7. Delete an office location