Clinic Administrators

The clinic administrative account is a free tool offered to clinic administrators to manage the credentialing records of multiple providers. Solo practice providers do not need this account.

Here's how to get a Clinic Administrative Account
1. Put away the credit card. This account is free.
2. Fill in the blanks below, including your email account.
3. After clicking submit, the request goes to MCC Customer Service. They will call you to review your request and assist you in setting up the account.
4. When your clinic is approved, you will receive an email with an eight character login ID code.
5. To login, go to the login section of our homepage. Use the eight character login code, along with the password you set in #2, to login to your Clinic Administrative account.

Once you have your Clinic Admin account established, you may start purchasing multiple memberships (PRAC codes) for your providers.

The Clinic Administrative link at the right has step-by-step guides to help you access, enter, audit, upload documents, store and track your providers' applications. You'll soon be editing multiple applications from one account.

Create your Clinic Admin Account.