One and Done Minnesota Uniform Credentialing Apps

Year-after-year you have asked for a common electronic credentialing application. Now it's here.

Once you enter your data, chances are you won't have to fill out a complete Minnesota Uniform Credentialing Application again.

The MCC's system makes recredentialing quick and easy. Review the information in your account and update any information that has changed; attach or upload current copies of documents required by your preference (hospital or health plan); update your signature and resubmit your application.  You may work on applications where ever you have internet access. From an office downtown to a rural community, the application is a few clicks of a mouse away. The $25 annual fee allows you to send as many applications as you'd like to Minnesota health plans and hospitals.

Finally, you are able to easily give clinic administrative staff access to your records so they can help throughout the process. Of course you have to sign and send the final record, but that's it.