Community solution to redundant, inefficient paper applications

MCC members are improving Minnesota's health care system. While the rest of the country is starting to discuss how to work together to simplify and streamline health care administrative services, we're already developing a community solution involving payers and providers.

The community-based electronic credentialing application is the latest in our state's commitment to streamline administrative work of providers, clinics, hospitals, health plans and the state. You are already involved in e-prescribing, e-billing and remittance, e-records and more. This electronic, common credentialing application helps ensure applications are complete and reduces mailing costs. The fact that staff members no longer have to decipher handwriting is also a plus.

One of the greatest benefits to hospitals, health plans and other payers is the fact that you're part of a community solution to a redundant, inefficient paper process -- an issue that has concerned providers for years. Providers enjoy a one-stop shop. Once the information is entered it can be sent to multiple hospitals or health plans. A benefit for hospitals and plans is direct access to the provider and clinic through the system.

Finally, customer service is here to assist your staff members.