Free Administrative Membership brings management ease

As your clinic's credentialing manager, we know you are swamped. You are constantly challenged to keep up with demands from payers, providers and internal management. We can help. The MCC's free clinic administrative account is a tool to organize and store your providers' credentialing records in one place. Whether the provider is in your office or across the state, you have the records at your fingertips.

Tools in this account:

  • gives you an online file drawer for all your providers' credentialing records. Whether you are responsible for five or 500 records, they are all there for you.
  • allows you to access and edit these records from your account. You'll always have access.
  • uploads scans of required documents directly into the provider's record. It's simple and fast. You'll love the immediate results.
  • provides you access your office details with a click. No need to retype information into the provider record over and over (and over) again.
  • Finally, you have customer service support.