Ongoing ApplySmart Training Sessions

No travel necessary.  Webinar training sessions are available every other Wednesday from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. 

To find out dates and register for a training session, contact Customer Support at

ApplySmart Plus Details

Sophisticated group management tools are now available to simplify:  tracking actionable items; updating records through clipboard group editing; developing customized checklists to track and report on your internal credentialing processes; and populating CAQH and Humana forms. 

For more information on ApplySmart Plus, contact Tracey Tokheim at or call 502-540-8204.

ApplySmart Plus Functionality Summary

ApplySMART Plus brings group management functionality to clinic administrators: eliminating the need to maintain separate databases or paper files; and providing full reporting capability with the purchase of a Crystal™ license.

·         Audit Lights for administrators

·         Reporting on Actionable Items ( 18 key dates)

·         Group Editing (7 categories)

·         Checklists to manage and report processes by provider

·         Populate forms for CAQH, Humana,  Multiplan/Tricare and Medicare 855 forms.

·         Designate more than one primary association (for providers w/ multiple group practice sites)

·         Reporting 

Coming Soon

·          Quality Reporting and CME Tracking/ Reporting

Reduce repetitive manual processes and the need for expensive alternative data base tools through the use of ApplySMART Plus

For More Information Contact

Tracey Tokheim (

1-6-14 New Link for Purchasing PRAC Codes (Subscriptions)

The MCC has simplified the process for purchasing annual Subscriptions. and will be using a new weblink. 

1. Access our website
2. Login to your account
3, Click ACCOUNT on the left hand navigation bar
4. Select SUBSCRIPTION under Billing

1-6-14 Simplified Subscription Process/Deletion of Expired Accounts

MCC is rolling out a simplified process for purchasing annual subscriptions.  Effective January 6, users will be able to purchase new provider subscriptions, often referred to as PRAC codes, from the same website link users use to update and manage provider’s records:

In addition, CredentialSmart, the vendor behind the MCC system, will begin enforcing a provision of its User Agreement requiring providers to maintain (keep current) their annual subscription.  Beginning January 1, accounts that are not renewed within 60 days of their expiration date will be deletedExpired accounts must be renewed prior to February 28th, 2014 to avoid being deleted.  Clinic Administrators will have a 2 week period to renew expired accounts before providers are included in the communication blasts.

Additional information about the MCC and these changes is available on our website (under Resource Tab) at

MCC Announces Price Increase - Jan 2014

MCC’s prices have been static since its inception, while costs have continued to rise with inflation.  All three groups participating in the MCC (hospitals, health plans, and provider groups) will be impacted by the price changes.

Provider groups can mitigate the price increase by purchasing multi-year codes and at the same time eliminating the need to renew a provider's account each year.  

Effective 1/1/2014
12 month PRAC code     $ 30
24 month PRAC code     $ 55
36 month PRAC code     $ 75

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, please contact or


User Group Meeting - 2015

User groups will resume in summer, 2015

More information to follow soon!

2015 New User WebEx Training

The MCC is offering a series of WebEx training sessions, allowing you to participate from your office or your home. Whether you are a brand new to the MCC or are looking for a refresher, this is an easy way to get exposure to the system and your questions answered.

Session  Wednesday November 11 and November 25, 2015 9:00 – 10:00 am 

To Register for the training - send an Email

Include your Name, Organization, Email Address, Phone and the session you’d like to attend.

Simplified Sign/Send Process

Administrators have Option to Queue Applications

Effective Monday, July 1st, providers will be able to:
a)    Sign and send applications using the same process they use today, or
b)    Access applications that have been queued up by their clinic administrator.

The Simplified Sign/Send Process allows clinic staff to queue up an application (or more than one application) for a simplified signature process.  When the provider logs into the system, they click on the Sign/Release Icon and preview the applications that have been queued.  If they have no changes, they acknowledge each attachment and signature location, and enter their digital signature code.   If they have changes, they cancel the queued application(s) and enter a note for the clinic administrator as to the reason for the cancellation.  See training tools under Resources.

Coventry Accepting MCC Applications

The MCC is pleased to announce that Coventry is now accepting application submissions through the MCC ApplySmart tool for services provided in Minnesota.

You will not need to use CAQH for your submission to Coventry if you are a member of the Minnesota Credentialing Collaborative (MCC).

You can find Coventry on the dropdowns under Health Plan/Insurer.  

2-5-13 Recent Enhancements



1.    Right mouse click to cut and paste

2.    “Enable Audit” moved to the top of the personal page, eliminating the need to return to the home page. Audit functionality is not available for clinic administrators.

3.    Specify unique training program names on the Training PageFree form text field allows providers to enter non-standard training programs (e.g. specialized fellowship program).

4.    Added a line to the MUA Initial and Recred forms to print free text entered


1.    Have access two different versions of the application PDF on the Forms Page:  MUA only, or  MUA plus Application Addendum and A&R

2.    Receivers can now specify if they accept only initials or only recred applications. Unique settings applied for Behavioral HealthCare Providers

3.    BHP does not accept electronic recreds through the MCC. 

4.    Added Business rule to allow setting Training Program Name as either required or optional

5.    The Delta Summary is now available under “forms” and in an easier to read format.



Over the weekend, CredSmart completed a migration of all CredentialSmart services to one of the world’s top rated managed hosting provider, Rackspace, and hence new datacenter/servers.  The migration was successful, however some may experience a temporary issue accessing the various applications using the colloquial name/url (e.g.  This is because the 1000’s of Domain Name Servers throughout the country  can take up 48 hours to propagate to new server addresses into their registries.

If you are experiencing this , please enter the numeric  IP address for CredentialSmart into the address bar of your web-browser.  This temporary measure should only be necessary for a maximum of another 24 hours.

In the case, of the MCC browser address - please replace  www.credentialsmart   the following in your web-browser address bar:

Examples (cut/paste website address into your browser)


NEW USER:  --- New user login bottom of page




Credential Smart has been able to restore much of the data that was submitted from January 16th through January 23rd, and is continuing to work diligently to minimize the data loss.

Due to the hardware issues, the restoration efforts have been slower than anticipated. CredSmart has engaged a forensic data specialist to support the restoration process.  CredSmart will have a final assessment Thursday February 7th, 2013.

As a sender, if you created your account during this time period and do not wish to wait for the data restoration process to conclude, you will need to recreate your account.   You will not be able to use your original PRAC/Subscription code.  Please contact for a replacement.

Again, the CredentialSmart team and the MCC apologies for any inconveniences this has caused.



Can specify unique training program names on the Training Page

1.    Free form text field allows providers to enter the name of non-standard training programs (e.g. specialized fellowship program).  

2.    Added a line to the MUA Initial and Recred forms to print free text entered


Have access two different versions of the application PDF on the Forms Page

1.    MUA only, or

2.    MUA plus Application Addendum and A&R

Receivers can now specify if they accept only initials or only recred applications.  Unique settings applied for Behavioral HealthCare Providers

1.    BHP is linked to the more stringent Hospital Business Rules

2.    System indicates BHP does not accept recreds

Added Business rule to allow setting Training Program Name as either required or optional


 Right mouse click to cut and paste

Left Navigation Bar – access to what the provider has entered is NOT limited to what’s printed on the application.  Receivers have ability to view provider entered data by clicking on the Navigation Bar

“Enable Audit” moved to the top of the personal page, eliminating the need to return to the home page. Reminder - audit functionality is not available for clinic administrators.

Delta Summary

1.    Available under “forms” and available to see instead just then you accept.

2.    Condensed to only show what has changed - making it much easier to read.


Over the weekend, CredentialSmart experienced a rare dual drive failure while transitioning the MCC data to a faster, more efficient platform.   CredSmart uses a sophisticated 6 disk raid backup system which protects against the risk of lost data.  The backup systems were effective and data has not been lost.   The majority of our clients will not be impacted by this equipment failure.  

Clients, who established, modified, submitted or received applications between January 15 and January 25th may be impact by an additional 1 or 2 day delay as data is being restored.  These data sets are being restored and reimaged to ensure the records and submissions are complete and accurate. 

We apologize if you received inaccurate messages about this event and any inconvenience you may be experiencing as CredSmart works to restore the data.   In looking forward, users are commenting on the vast improvement in speed and processing they are experiencing as a result of the new configuration. 

If you have questions, please contact our customer support team at or you can reach me at

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience.


Dolly Schmidt
Executive Director



We recently implemented a change in our business rules at the request of the health plans.   A provider's application cannot be submitted without the specialty field being completed for each clinic location listed under the office details.

Specialists may vary their practice based on location, and these variations can impact reimbursement rates. For example, a provider may function as a generalist in an outreach site, but as a specialist in the main office location. While this information may not be critical in the credentialing of your provider, it is critical information for the contracting office. For example, specialty type can drive differences in reimbursement levels for office CPT codes. Or the specialty listing can impact reimbursement if a health plan restricts the number of reimbursable clinic visits by a two providers with the same specialty in a single day.  

If you are submitting an application for a previously credentialed provider, you will not be able to submit your recred without modifying the office details page to include these newly required fields.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at (for clarification on how to make the changes in your records) or (with concerns regarding this change)


The MCC’s Implementation Work Group announces four enhancements:

1. AUDIT LIGHTS - Assure changes won't bog down your submission.       
Clinic administrators should use the audit feature to ensure the application is ready to send before engaging the provider to review and digitally sign/send the application.  Test your application by selecting a payer preference and then repeating the process by selecting a hospital preference – to ensure your application is ready to send.   The audit lights are turned on as soon as you select a preference:

Green = ready to go;
Red = information missing;
Yellow = taxonomy needs review

2. Taxonomy – Review Your Specialty
The ApplySmart tool will now be using the CMS Taxonomy listing for describing a provider’s specialty.  The system has cross-referenced existing specialty descriptors to the new standardized listing.   Please review the new description and compare it to the previously entered specialty (displayed immediately below) for each provider’s record.  The conversion to a standardized listing will allow us to take advantage of additional features when used for hospital/payer recredentialing and privileging. 

3. Collaborating MD
Allied Health Professionals (Providers) that require a Collaborating MD will be able to provide that physician’s name/contact information in their application – eliminating the need to submit the data separately.  After an allied health professional provider type is selected, the link for the Collaborating MD can be found on the left hand navigation bar.  Currently, the system will not allow you to enter more than one Collaborating physician – so existing paper forms will have to be submitted for providers working at multiple sites (multiple collaborating providers). 

4. New Fields Reduce Follow Up Questions by Payers/Hospitals
A number of new fields will help expedite the processing of your application including:

o   Start dates (Education, Affiliation, Office Site) and explanation for non-current affiliations

o   Work History end date and reason for leaving

o   Reference Contact Information

o   Provider Office Specialty            

o   Primary Site Designation

o   Gap Rule Explanation (cumulative gaps that exceed 90 days across the entire timeline (education + training + work history) will need to be explained. 

Contact our support team if you have questions:

System Updates August 5th

Single Signature

The MCC’s Implementation Work Group is pleased to announce the roll out of an exciting enhancement designed to simplify processes for clinic administrators and providers.    

  • Single Electronic Signature – the application and all common documents are signed in a single step
    Providers are now able to review and acknowledge (check mark) all locations in the application and common documents that will be signed when they enter their digital signature code, eliminating the need to repeat that process for each document separately.   Providers are still required to replicate the process, sending to each Preference one-at-a-time, but the signature process for each send is simplified. **NOTE: If the preference has entity specific documents identified this will be highlighted with a progress light, and you would complete them as indicated in the instructions provided.

    User instructions for the Single Electronic Signature function can be found under the FAQS in the Resources tab or through the this link.

Important Reminder – ONLY the provider can apply his digital signature and send his or her application

Customer Service Changes

The MCC has moved its provider customer service function to CredentialSmart’s Chicago headquarters. CredentialSmart is the MCC's partner and it designed the online appliation tool. The change will allow for enhanced services including more customer service representatives and quicker involvment of specialists for complicated questions. All customer service telephone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

Providers must personally review and sign applications

Our member health plans and hospitals have asked that we clarify that providers must personally sign (attach digital signature/authorization code) their application. Clinic administrators can enter the bulk of the information required for the application – but there are several critical areas where the provider must review the information and personally sign off on the completeness and accuracy of the data. In submitting an application, the receivers indicate it is not an acceptable procedure to delegate the signature responsibility (even if a signed paper file is retained in the offices).

We have developed a step -by-step guide to assist providers in "Sign and Send" procedures.

All health plans and hospitals and their accrediting (NCQA, Joint Commission, URAC) and regulatory (CMS, DOH, DHS) organizations require the practitioner sign and attest to the accuracy and completeness of the application. This becomes a legal document from which decisions are made related to a practitioner's ability to participate with a health plan or practice at a hospital. If someone other than the practitioner signs the application, it cannot be accepted by hospitals or health plans.

You're in the right place: The MCC's new website

Welcome to our new website. We're excited you're here. We've taken your suggestions and have worked to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Here are a few highlights:

Get Started: For new members or people interested in becoming members. The information is tailored to our three primary users: providers, credentialing administrators and payers/health plans/hospitals. These areas also include step-by-step guides and tips to help users navigate the application.

Member Login: Current members log into their accounts from their own button on the homepage. This is also where your will be alerted to changes in system availability, etc. 

News: A short word that means so much! You'll find the latest news and information on the homepage.

Resources: Userguides, frequently asked questions, a news digest and username and password help.

Service: Fill out the form and your question will get to the best person to answer it. The page also has a customer service phone number and a link to common questions and answers.

About Us: Board of Director listing, history of the organization, leadership information and more.

If you have other ideas, please let us know.

Take Note: DHS is supporting the MCC's process

There are a number of incorrect messages in the market regarding DHS’s credentialing application process. Here's what you need to know:

  • DHS is accepting electronic application submissions from the MCC.
  • There is no need to complete the DHS paper application.
  • DHS is processing all applications in the order they are received – so  there is not preferential treatment or handling of either MCC or DHS paper application.
  • Clients with their applications loaded in the MCC tool are encouraged to simply submit their application to DHS in the same manner they submit to all other preferences.
  • DHS continues to move forward with the full integration of the MCC application process.

MCC/APPLYSMART changes effective Oct. 31, 2011

MUA. Use of the modified Minnesota Uniform Applications (Initial and Recred)
  • Does not include Recred Malpractice Disclosure form - under discussion
  • Inclusion of the NPI 2 – Organizational NPI

Aliases. A yes/no question regarding use of an Alias (Maiden) name is asked on Personal page and added to the navigation bar

Languages. A yes/no question regarding foreign languages is asked on the Personal page and add to the navigation bar
Middle Name. Applicant’s full middle name will print on the MUA
DEA. If DEA license is pending, there is no longer a requirement for a DEA Number
Military. Military History data included in Work History form in chronological order
Free Text. If an applicant enters comments on the application, a text box under the application header will indicate that provider comments are attached.
  • Free text will appear on at the end on an attached addendum
Liability Location. Location of Incident entry fields are included in ApplySmart and map to MUA 

Liability Free. Text Malpractice text exceeding space on MUA will overflow to a separate page

MCC/APPLYSMART changes in development

Reference Degree.  Reference’s degree is now a required field.

  • Degree designation is added at the end of the reference’s name.

Audit Tool. Flag system which indicates completeness/status of each area of the application
  • Red/Yellow/Green audit lights
Taxonomy. Determine whether the MCC will adopt CMS Taxonomy hierarchy on personal and specialty pages

Single Signature. Consolidate of Provider Signatures to single area in the application process.
  • Pending development of legal language acceptable to receivers.
Incident Outcome. Develop crosswalk between ApplySmart and MUA to clarify Incident outcomes
  • Determine which statuses require a close date
Uploading Records. Ability to upload provider credentialing files for already credentialed providers.
  • Use of in-house or external data set to reduce the amount of manual data entry for providers who are already credentialed.
Recred Options. Develop training tool to overview options for automating the loading of existing (hospital/payer) provider records into ApplySmart – and opportunities for two-way linkages with in house credentialing software
  • Delta Summary Report summarizing changes from prior MUA submission or hospital/payer files. Generate PDF for exporting purposes. Archive Delta Summary report with MUA (complete)
  • Privileging Forms. Sub-specialty or individual privileging forms are delivered to provider and modifications stored with MUA

Collaborating MD. Add Collaborating MD field, by site, populate on MUA.
  • Determine if modification requires change to MUA
  • Standardize for all users by group (hospitals and payers). Define sponsorship between organizations