Chairperson: Janny Dwyer Brust, Minnesota Council of Health Plans
Vice Chair: Ben Peltier, Minnesota Hospital Association
Secretary/Treasurer: George C. Lohmer, Minnesota Medical Association

Minnesota Council of Health Plan Representatives
Patty Dennis, Medica
Kathy Ohmann, HealthPartners
John Frederick, PreferredOne

Minnesota Hospital Association Representatives
Chris Hughes, Allina, Minneapolis

Minnesota Medical Association Representatives
Richard Simmons, M.D., President
Darla Morris-Prebble, Minnesota Medical Group Management Association
Noel Peterson, M.D.

The Minnesota Credentialing Collaborative (MCC) is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) owned by the Minnesota Council of Health Plans (MCHP), Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) and Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA). Organization members are Julie Brunner, MCHP; Lawrence Massa, MHA; and Bob Meiches, MMA.